About us

We're a small but mighty team trying to find the best digital solutions for chronic health problems.

Caremote team wearing company t-shirts

At Caremote, our aim is to empower people to take charge of their own care. Through the use of digital solutions, care will become seamlessly integrated into daily life and bring living with a disease closer to living without one.

Our founding story

The idea of Caremote came to the two founders at their last company, Pflegetiger, an in-home care provider.

Pflegetiger provides in-home care using e-bikes and an app to organize and optimize the care delivery process. The founders saw in real time the power of harnessing technology to provide better care services, but realized that this could go beyond improving the current care delivery process. 

They realized there was a huge opportunity to provide better, more comprehensive care to chronically ill patients at home. Caremote aims to keep people out of hospital beds by using new technologies to monitor patients at home. 

Meet the team

  • Constantin Rosset

    Favorite saying: have you made a task for that?

  • Delphine Fayol
    Head of Product

    'Test, don't debate' is Delphine's motto.

  • Elizabeth Van Liew
    Founder's Associate

    If she's not discussing the vision, she's taking care of our leafy team members.

  • Marty Palmer
    Feel Good Manager

    Marty's so passionate about the office culture, he even sleeps there.

  • Philipp Pünjer

    When he isn't up a mountain somewhere, he's reminding everyone of the 80/20 rule.

Join us

If you don't see anything that matches what you're looking for, reach out to us with a CV anyway - we're looking for people, not roles.